About Time I Sit Down and Start Typing

I work as a business consultant for data analytics, and I’ve been living in Chicago with my husband, Jonathan, for just about 5 years, but I’m originally from Boise before I moved to Washington State and graduated from UW-Seattle.

One of the things I always thought would be helpful would be to focus on some of the transportation solutions in the different places I live (or lived…or plan to live eventually). In Washington, we lived in Bellevue, so I’d commute to school each day about 30 minutes, which is certainly not terrible (better than the 50 minute drive Jonathan was making twice a day), but I honestly can’t think of many things I dislike more than driving.

So the potential for transit mobility here is one of the reasons that Chicago appealed to me when I had the chance to transfer. My sister lived here for a while when she was an undergrad, fulfilling an internship at a social work office in Burnside, and it was the first time she’d lived anywhere with a rich variety of transportation options, and I remember her telling me how much more freedom it felt like she had as a result of being liberated from her car.

So that’s a lot of what I’m planning to do with this blog, to offer some insight into the day-to-day workings of everyday life—a professional and personal existence filtered through my experiences with Chicago’s different transportation offerings.

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